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Fundraiser For David Lockwood
This young man is the son of my sister's friend of 20 years.
This is not a scam and any contributions would be to a worthy cause.
Excerpts from my sister's emails concerning David

June 14, 2008
Hello all. As you know, our sweet David has been ill since birth with daily seizures.  He is four years old and cannot crawl, walk, talk, nor feed himself. All tests have come back inconclusive and the doctors are baffled as to what would help his situation. No drugs have helped either. We would do anything to find a way to cure David, but unfortunately the medical bills are too much to even put a dent in.  So, we have come up with a magazine fundraiser to help in our efforts to get David the best medical care we can provide and to pay for those services already rendered.

When you visit this site, you will save up to 85% off the cover price for over 600 publications. A percentage of sales will come back directly to us to pay for David's past and ongoing medical treament.

Also, if you could send this to all of your family and friends, reaching our goal may be fulfilled.

Thank you all and God bless,
Colleen Sabathier Lockwood and Trey Lockwood
Proud parents of David Lockwood

June 15, 2008

We have received several emails in regards to those who may not want to buy a magazine, but would still like to contribute to David's Fund.

We have set up a secure avenue for those interested. You can go to and submit donation to

Please forward this email to your friends and family too so that they will see this option.

Thanks and God Bless,
Colleen and Trey Lockwood

June 27, 2008

HI everyone


Some of you have had questions about David and our relationship to him.  Just wanted to make it clear to everyone that we have known this family more than 20years.

Colleen - David's mom babysat for us when we lived in Pearl River, La and her mom Beverly was Royal 3's 5th grade teacher.  Her Dad, CD worked for Mobil / Exxon-Mobil for years. The family live here in Southlake.

They are very dear friends of ours and I know it was very difficult for Collen and her husband to take this step to ask for help in caring for and treating David.

But because the insurance company will not pay since David has not been diagnosed, they have decided - finally - to ask for help.

Personally I am glad they have made this decision.  They are going to need a lot of help in the years to come.

Hope you all are doing well.

Loretta dapremont Honore



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