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Cooking Roast Prime Rib On The Grill 
Love the taste of prime rib? Love the taste of barbecue? You can combine them together for roast prime rib on the grill. It takes a bit longer than hamburgers, but roast prime rib on the grill gives you a fabulous roast that everyone enjoys.You need a lot of charcoal for prime rib on the grill. The time is about two hours so you need about 8 pounds of good quality charcoal. Fire up the charcoal and wait until the flames die down and the charcoal is giving off a good heat.When prime rib on the grill, you don't want the meat to be directly over the hot coals. Move them over to one side of the grill so that you can place the roast on the other side.

Before putting the meat on the barbecue, rub the exterior with a mixture of coarse salt, pepper and herbs. You can use either bone on or bone off when roast prime rib on the grill. You can ask the butcher to remove the bones and then tie them back onto the meat. This gives you the best of both worlds -- easy carving and great tasting ribs.Place the meat on the grill and cover


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