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Food Safety Is Utmost Important While Handling Or Cooking Food
By James Hunt, Tue Jan 10th

With all the diseases in the world today, food safety should beutmost in everyone's mind when handling or food. The wayfood is handled before it is cooked is just as important as thecooking itself and how it is handled afterwards. There are manythings that one has to be mindful of, such as making sure thefood is thoroughly washed. This applies to home use as well asrestaurants and fast food outlets. Some foods, such as eggs,dairy products and meat spoil quickly and must be keptrefrigerated. There are bacteria in these foods that can causefood poisoning. You can become very ill and deaths have beenreported from Salmonella food poisoning if proper food safetymeasures are not followed.

Before you begin any food preparation, food safety involveswashing your hands with soap and water. All surfaces that youwill be laying the food on should also be washed as bacteria canlive on any surface, even the kitchen countertop. Sponges shouldnever be used for cleaning as they attract and keep small piecesof dirt in the pores. When you are cleaning the surfaces youshould use a mild bleach to make sure you kill all the germs.You should clean out your refrigerator on a regular basis andthrow out food that has been there for some time. The propertemperature of a refrigerator is 41 degrees to ensure the safetyof the food inside.

When meat you should thaw the meat in the


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