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Jill Melton Named Editor-in-chief Of Cooking Smart Magazine
Coincide Publishing announced that Jill Melton, MS RD, has been named Editor-In-Chief of Smart magazine, effective immediately. Melton served as Consulting Editor for the magazine's premiere issue.As Editor-in-Chief, Melton will be responsible for the editorial content and overall direction of the magazine. "I'm a dietitian and a foodie. I grew up with my nose in cookbooks and magazines, cooked my way through school, and then became a registered dietitian," she says. "It's a rare combination, but one that makes me uniquely qualified to head up a magazine about smart eating."Melton started her publishing career in 1989, when she joined Light magazine as Assistant Food Editor.

By the time of her 2004 departure, she had spent 10 years as the Senior Editor/Food Editorial Director of the magazine."Jill's knowledge of food and nutrition, combined with her experience in the marketplace and understanding of our readers' needs, is remarkable," says Kyle Cox, Publisher of Smart. "She has a flair for putting together features that are timely, relevant, distinctive and personable, and we're delighted to have her on board."Melton began her career by spending three years as a sous chef, then worked as both a public health nutritionist and nutrition consultant for several years before her tenure at Light. Her editorial philosophy is simple. "Individual foods aren't right or wrong, and styles of eating aren't right or wrong -- but some are smarter than others," says Melton, who adds that her main goal is to get readers in the kitchen. "I find it sad that our culture promotes the notion that the less time in the kitchen, the better.

Personally, I think there's no better place than the kitchen to connect with family, friends or yourself." Smart magazine takes a positive approach to eating well, realizing that good nutrition used to just mean taking things out: fat, calories, sodium. Today, however, good nutrition is about what you can add to get the most out of your foods. This approach is manifested in the magazine's DietMatch™ feature, a tool to help people customize recipes for their particular needs. "Eating should


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