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Microwave Mixer (tm) Introduced To Gourmet Cooking Market
Portland, OR (ContentDesk) March 20 2004-- EKIM Products announces a major milestone in microwave with the launch of the Microwave Mixer. The Microwave Mixer provides a faster, safer and more convenient environment by giving microwave ovens the power to stir the food as it cooks.A revolutionary accessory, the Microwave Mixer mounts inside all-size microwaves. Its patent-pending design provides continuous stirring, therefore eliminating the need to stop the microwave, hand-stir the food, and restart. Hot and cold spots, splattering, and the danger of superheating are now nonexistent. The Microwave Mixer is ideal for soups, sauces, chili, risotto, polenta, hot cereal, and many other favorite menu items.

Now even pasta can be cooked in the microwave in one simple step. The Microwave Mixer works in conjunction with the microwave carousel; there are no electrical parts to worry about. It swings out of the way when not in use and stores right in the microwave always ready to use.


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