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Saving Energy In The Kitchen
By Lillian & Dave Brummet, Fri Dec 9th

Saving Energy in the Kitchen (312 words)

The kitchen, with all its appliances, gadgets and heat, is areal hotspot for potential energy saving. As the oven uses themost energy and creates a vast amount of heat while cookingfoods, it is a good place to start.

For instance, when baking cookies use two trays. While one isin the oven baking, the other one is prepped with raw cookies –ready to replace the tray in the oven with no wasted heat andsome time saved. When we bake bread we also fill the oven withfoil wrapped potatoes. The potatoes can be stored in the fridgewithout the foil and used throughout the week in a myriad ofrecipes, or as a side dish. This method can be applied to a menuplan in that if you are baking one dish, try to include a sidedish that is baked as well.

By turning off the oven a minute or two before the dish is done,the residual heat will finish the cooking. When done with theoven, open the door to allow any


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