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Cooking Innovation Erupts With Hot Rock
Although the concept is thousands of years old, Hot Rock's volcanic cooking rocks are bursting into restaurants as the newest dining sensation. Trapper's Chop House in Parker, Colorado, Twin Dragon Sports Bar & Grill in Duvall, Washington, and the Wyndham Hotel's San Fresco restaurant in San Jose, California, are among Hot Rock's most recent customers to get in on this sensational cooking innovation.With Hot Rock's volcanic cooking rocks, restaurants can serve healthy, delicious, and entertaining meals even without a chef. Along with the ability to serve meals in less than five minutes and offer more choices to diners, restaurants can also offer the ultimate conversation piece. Hot Rocks are heated for several hours in a special-purpose oven. Once an order is placed, the meat is then seared on the rock for just seconds on both sides to ensure that the flavors are saved inside.

The almost-ready meal is then taken to the table where diners can finish cooking their own meat on the volcanic rock. This cooking sensation is unrivaled because of its simplicity, uniqueness, and ability to match the fast-paced life and rigorous demands of the 21st century diner.Steve Wright, President of the Hot Rock Corporation, says, "This really allows restaurants to offer unique value to their customers while saving on time, space, and overhead increasing both the top and bottom line. Restaurants can offer a myriad of choices including low-fat and low-carb meals to health-conscious customers without completely changing their menu. Hot Rock is redefining cooking and traditional


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