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Donít Let Spoiled Milk Spoil Your Drive
By Terry Brown

Driving in your car with your kids can prove to be an experience that could leave you and your carís interior very much exhausted. In fact, children can be quite clumsy that anything they hold could be found on the floor or out of their hands in just the blink of an eye. And if you are going driving on long rides with children, you always would be bringing with you food, sweets, and drinks for the kids to ingest. However, these could find their way to the floor and mar the clean interior that you have been keeping.

One of the drinks that could prove to be a major spoilage in your carís interior would be milk. In fact, with the heat of the sun and of the road finding their way inside your car, in no time at all, the spilled milk could become spoiled milk. And when this happens, the odor of spoiled milk is very disturbing and could be quite a challenge to remove.

To remove such an annoying odor from your interior, you should try blotting up first any kind of liquid milk which could have remained in your carís carpet or seats. You can do this task using a towel or a cotton cloth or any cloth which is absorbent enough to take in the liquid. Then, you can start pouring some soda over the area where the milk got spilled and spoiled. soda has been known as a good absorber of

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odors and of liquids. Then, sprinkle some cold water on top of the soda and let this stand overnight. In the morning, it is then time to vacuum the area. Your purpose for doing such is to remove the soda off your interior.

However, even after doing this and the soda trick did not just work out, you can try using some white vinegar. Just apply some of this onto the area and let it stand there for 10 to 20 minutes and after that, remove the vinegar by letting paper towels or towels absorb the liquid.

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Jennifer Dylan is a 35-year-old gal who hails from San Francisco. She has a habit of updating herself on new car trends and models. She spends most of her time reading up on cars and hopes to test drive them. She works for one of the topnotch car parts dealer in the U.S.

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